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Cece Xie

Cecillia (Cece) Xie is a writer and creator based in New York City. A graduate of Yale and Harvard Law, she worked as an intellectual property and privacy lawyer at large law firms before trading in her stories about data breaches for stories about society at large. Her experiences as a Chinese immigrant imparted upon her a love of communication and penchant for figuring out group and system dynamics.

Cece has been a lifelong writer, participating in her 7th grade teacher's weekly Creative Writing group (hi, Ms. Brown!) and submitting her short stories to local contests in high school, as well as writing copious fanfiction. She did not want to be a disappointment to her parents, however, so eschewed any serious pursuit of writing after high school... until now. Her first book is about the world of big law and will be published by Penguin Portfolio.